LTD B-155
LTD B-155

B-155, 5+ string bass guitar from LTD in the Standard B series.

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bassmetal 07/23/2005

LTD B-155 : bassmetal's user review


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-Made in indonesia
-24 Boxes, micro esp
Button-volume, activitmicros


The handle is pleasant I board had no dificult to get used to it (before I had a 4-string)
Easy Access in acute on the last rung boxes without problems
weight is a frankly it is not specially a bad back but it is a lightweight pa either it does not sting the nose either.
easely obtained a personal sound that we like the metal I jou group and it is great to have but she is doing really well slap!


It should rev quite the metal (all types)
I play for now with a peavey 80w .. and it's not super overdrive pedal with a jOperation makes a really good
pa is obtained pain I think that In his can play with all the style I lent a friend for his rock band I enjoy listening to my bass: p


I use it since February 2005
I really like the ease of taking in hand the beginning o (good 5 string must get used to but easier than you think)
I did not try it since in my store said he could not have it in France it's only a model for Germany ..
qualitprix ben frankly it's a deal! 400 in Germany to as low a c'tait if a remake I did not hesitate! well I think the model above are better (logique..)
while a small 8 / 10 will suffice
qualitprix but it's really a good deal trs!