LTD F-255
LTD F-255

F-255, 5+ string bass guitar from LTD in the Standard F series.

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Bossdedieu 01/08/2007

LTD F-255 : Bossdedieu's user review


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- Made in Korea (I think it's not what I do most gaffe)

- 24 frets, 2 humbuckers EMG 40Hz

- 5 knobs: 1 volume, 1 balance, 3 EQ (bass, mid, treble)

- In neck, although clumsy as it should ^ ^

I see no better, honestly.


- The handle?? Ouaaah! I had a Jim Harley PB60 / s before (see my review, I mailed in error to the sesison raptors_15 ...) And I seem to reach a new instrument is amazing! Fast, smooth, what the class too.

- Access to acute? Should I stop my movement to not exceed the 24th fret!

- In terms of ergonomics, I'd say it's a strato carved with a hammer, although aggressive, beautiful and very comfortable with the concave shape. And the weight! I was afraid of the 5-string ... Ben is lighter than my 4 string! It is a pleasure to play with.

- For sound, well it's EMG. No surprise. His sound is well right of origin. After tweaking its need and its EQ amp but that's another story. Just one slight problem with the Treble EQ, but I would see it down.

The sound may not be truly perfect, then I can not put even 10 but qund.


- Well, it's LTD. This is the EMG. It is not a mouth to rap. I am in the Metal and Hardcore ... Nikel ^ ^

- For now ... Hartke A70 XD. Anyway I expect the Gallien Krueger Backline 600.

- The sound that I try to get it easily and I get sound rather cold, slamming, metal anything. She snores well, and I like it.

- I slap her, touched her fingers but for now I'm not too busy to pick my foot (I've since 3am so I can not say more lol and I'm not a pickeux) even though I like his sound.
on the other hand I noticed a slight problem with the Treble of the EQ. When pushed it sizzles and it's not very pleasant. But hey it's not super important if you have something to even out on his amp but it still sucks.

Damage damage to the lil problem with treble and the difficulty in med is minimal but good ^ ^ I put 8.


- I have been using ... 3am ... It's a bit early to notice but hey I was amazed. I will update my opinion in case.

- P **** No, what I'm in love with her look! What I like the sound that makes you want to pogoter! I like the handle! As I hate ... ah ben non nothing I hate XD

- The value for money is niquel. It's stuff you can not correct and solid, a huge bridge scared me, a super nice set neck, mouth, microphones correct (the EMG, though! And Hatebreed bassist uses These 40Hz. And since it is a group known worldwide I guess his bass he not bought € 715 to musik-service, I'd rather see three times the price ...), then frankly, I think I made a bargain.

- With experience, I would not say I would do this choice because it may well be great, it's still mid-range. If I had to go far in the world of bass I would go to more sophisticated models. But against I recommend it to anyone to buy a gear ontl'intention correct. This is my favorite, I put 9 / 10. Congratulations and thank you ESP!