jeef 07/15/2004

Music Man StingRay 5 : jeef's user review


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My bass is sunburst or cherry color burst I know too: beautiful plate that prevents damage to see the quality of wood that can be apprcier on the back of the instrument. A ct the sunburst of my little Peavey really cheap and the wood looks like an ordinary formica.
the handle is natural (maple I think), it's messy care must be taken to trace the long run. The wood is still perfectly chosen and do not default inhesttique Submitted. The key and head fawns that are certainly in the same block as the handle is adjusted to dixime millimtre, it seems that the assembly is a one pice. However the diffrence varnish is visible junction of the head which is a little grayer, the more I fear has aged a little but is not proof of an instrument alive?
I will not m'tendre rglages and microphones on the classic that everyone knows. I do not have the piezo bridge pickup and I have not had the same choice or essay option.
thank you to the guy who sold me a 1200 euros almost new (even new, c'tait a maniac ...) for an instrument pay 15 000 francs a year for this award ... tt j 't hsit pick her up in the province (not far when even trs)


Handle very soft, but quickly slips prcise trs, in fact carries a slip ca!
some weight but totally forgotten during the game with a perfect balance. Handle all of the same wide, 5 string forces, but all the same large compared to others.
Easy Access in acute,
I put a little time finding a position because of his right hand mic, I have more of me to pin micro magnets that does not forgive a rope supported by mgarde, After a few weeks but in practice I got used to it without realizing it (I'm relatively low beginners of all fawn). According SETTING THE height of your strings, so when it will even control his attacks, but the lot of bass in gnral.
The combinations are not many so we immediately a good sound, trs CHARACTERISTICS any fawn, the principle musicman ...
ct slap, so I beginners I m'tendrai not.
I got the 5 string trs quickly unlike some, in fact I find easier to play 5-string thanks to the support supplmentaire 5ime rope for arpges to low (two octaves compltes was the width of the handle)
the weight is felt during transport, I opt for a cover because the flight case is quite encombrane in the RER and in some small cars! in addition to not enough storage in the body. As against the head is fairly standard because of the SERIES 4 pegs and bass did not fit into the cover of my other bass, so I opt for something sturdy and well-padded.
CHAC battery is IMMEDIATE. SETTING THE round the well, which is good because even when the bass are moving a lot, I learned rgler guitars when I got the bass!


The amp used derrire can forget but can also be expressed. The pramp trs is effective, the knobs are super quality trs prcis a central stop. We can therefore leave the eq. amp its neutral position and all rgler on bass. An active low trs trs effective and versatile although CHARACTERISTICS. (I was told of a MODEL 25 years of origin was not a breath or spitting)
I do not use effects.
my amp is a Hughes & Kettner basskick 515 trs powerful and I play on a shit that torque in RPET gche a little while but the diffrence with my bass peavey low cost is obvious on this amp.
On my H & K, the peavey sounds good and even when I use it again (especially not lose the usual 4-string) while j'tais prt throw it when I played on the torque.
The fifth string sounds a bit hollow but I have not changed strings since I have it, they died, but I am a slacker ... I was told that on the contrary this was a good low 5ime rope.


I use it for 3 months and I am 100% satisfied with my purchase especially OCCAZ for this award. This is the very first time I invest in a scratching amricaine and I'm not. same for the original price, was worth it (if you have the gold coins) since it is an exceptional instrument and at least is less classical than the fender for an instrument of the same class.
I put all 9 becaufe we ​​are always jealous of some sounds you hear right left, but is also good for your fingers ... the beauty of the instrument, everyone is jealous of my bass :-)
ct solidity is probably a rock but I'm not a bcheron I watch out, I even bought a folding stand and all that lightweight j'amne in RPET.