Sanox Belle Isle
Sanox Belle Isle

Belle Isle, 5+ string bass guitar from Sanox.

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astroperenoel 01/14/2009

Sanox Belle Isle : astroperenoel's user review


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Low Franco-Japanese look unusual, manufactures by Sanox Nagoya ds 1990 and designed by Christopher Leduc.
This is a 24 frets, whose standard benefit is that they are embedded in the Indian rosewood fingerboard. What used to position the fingers.
Two microphones Belle Isle signature liabilities (of Gotoh?), Electronic (Gotoh, too?) With active indmodables: serious Aiges, balance and volume gnral.
Gotoh bridge type classic, simple and effective.
Keys Gotoh oil bath.
Team therefore Gotoh, which is normal for a Japanese instrument!
Bolt Classic Saddle Canadian three folds. Glue head at an angle.
3 parts by alder body with veneer back / Table to a pice alder sunburst.
The bass and strings trslgre rsonnent normment empty.
Still, little info on the net about this bass (the only faq Leduc)! Too bad ...

Caractristiques Excellent!


Handle very pleasant, with highs in total ACCS!
The interface is very kind and if the shape you like, you'll have a nice surprise by bringing on you, yes because playing sitting with this form, it's hard, it slips!
It is a rare lightness and even all of the advantages of a low balance and that sounds good with a nice size in the same grave.
The violin is there for something.
The rsonance is excellent for a total weight low.
The fretless sound is par excellence!
S owner and an amp that does not color the sound of the instrument that amplifies, I must confess a certain ease about them out of true bass lines with the sound of Belle Isle is indistinguishable from the records that we chose a fretless bass Plutt a second classic.
The BMOL: here are the breath and saturation when all the knobs are at the max, may be a mass default or a breath inhrent with passive pickups, however, signed by the manufacturer!

I put graphite paint and I remade the masses RESULT of breath!
A little extra, I changed the original kit passive pickups by EMG J active, has sent!
The next step was the installation of a pre-amp Glockenklang 3 bands, the sound is phnomnal but keeps the texture of the violin!


The sound palette is quite UNESCORecords via electronic force (even better since the changes mentioned above), so sound very fat funky rock with sharp well great.
I like the sounds particulirement neutral, so I put everything in the middle and I enjoy a REAL SOUND FRETLESS.
This dpendra also used the type of strings.
In large amount of flat wire drawing, I must point out that we lose a little of what's typical to pseudo-bass: its lack of brightness too inflated.
It is better to remain flat with nets pulling low (I put extra light).
With round threads, the key is registered, on fretless avoid or varnish must be the key ...
Up to you then.


I use it for several years in very low add-ins and more modern vintage.
I have no desire to invest in another fretless.
Acquired on the spur of the heart (the form seduced me) in a little shop well gotu bd. Beaumarchais Paris, then I can say that investment deserves reflexion and the MODEL has to be test all rglages bottom, and if you tighten fixs tinkering do.
She deserves more than just look at some past the window.