Stagg BC300/5
Stagg BC300/5

BC300/5, 5+ string bass guitar from Stagg in the BC300 series.

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ctrl_alt_suppr 05/18/2007

Stagg BC300/5 : ctrl_alt_suppr's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
EBay bought in Germany. this bass has 24 frets and two microphones of all that is most correct with independent volume knobs for each pickup and one tone knob. The handle is screwed (and a bit sucks, see below).


This leads to the problem of race: there is a weakness in the bonding of the head, which prohibits any attempt to straightening by quarter-turn metal core (obsolete, so). The result is that we have to play a significantly curved handle, the strings are quite remote and you have to press hard enough to get good sound. Finally, it is still in the long run.


Pleasant surprise, however, for microphones and knobs that are after all very good quality for that price. The knobs allow the flare for the game to the fingers and brilliant slap. With a good Hartke it makes good, if not a slight wind which comes quickly after the sacrifice still in the attack.


It's to be roughly three years since I played it. I will say that the price / quality ratio is good, but Stagg should still review the manufacture of its sleeves.