Yamaha RBX375
Yamaha RBX375

RBX375, 5+ string bass guitar from Yamaha in the RBX series.

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colibrimst 07/25/2005

Yamaha RBX375 : colibrimst's user review


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Made in China, I believe ...
See previous posts for micro features and settings buttons


My old bass is a Cort New Action Bass 4 strings, and the handle of the RBX is much fuller and thicker, which is not displease me given my big fingers purposes.
Reasonable access to acute, but have to get the latest posts (well it's just a question of hand positioning, it can be adjusted quickly ...)
For weight, it's true that compared to the NAB4, passive, with no frills, ss is heavy at first, but in fact it is not so heavy as that, you get used very quickly, with a good strap .
Same for the sound, difficult to compare with a 4 string passive, but in any case I'm having, and I burst qurtout the ears of my poor neighbors! Seriously, the settings are varied, and may well slapper with his hyper slamming her or play with a very round.


I play in a group of jazz, rock to another and I'm the bass to a fanfare of brass, too. Everything goes perfectly.
Before I had a Peavey amp Microbass 15W, to get started. This kind of amp is strongly discouraged, the baffle has a diameter too small to have an up correctly in his grave.
Now I have a Crate BT 50 and frankly it's going better! A cabinet of 12 "minimum is good.
In contrast, no effect.

I like all the sounds, the drier and snapping at the round and heavy. Preamp thank you! (Which also could have a switch active / passive, I did not mentioned above);))


I play on the RBX for 1 month and I'm about to throw the old out the window, I think.
The distance between the strings and the roundness of the handle is a plus for me, the power of sound as well.
I tried Cort and Ibanez models in the same price range, the choice was quickly made, and yet it is not the most expensive model ...
Value very very very good
With experience, I will redeem probably a Yamaha, maybe a superior model.
9 / 10 because you can always do better!