Traveler Guitar Pro-Series
Traveler Guitar Pro-Series

Pro-Series, Other Electric Guitar from Traveler Guitar.

vgytwk 11/16/2008

Traveler Guitar Pro-Series : vgytwk's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Traveler is a registered amricaine. A small adhesive label on the back of the instrument indicates, however, a Chinese manufacturing.

SPECIFICATIONS for, see the website of the brand ...

include: the neck and body are one and the same pice, which gnre sustain robust and rsonance says.


The neck is excellent. CASC is easy to Aiges. Ergonomics is organic, the instrument pleasant to the touch.

The sound is l. The sounds are l.


This instrument is perfectly suited my approach. I played on an Alesis Transactive actuellemnt 50, through a Boss Micro BR, and works with all cohrence like a subtle soundscape.

I also tested on a Fender Hot Rod, that in a normal environment: no effect other than SETTING THE amp the sound palette is very broad. By adding the usual effects pedals as limits or operates The characteristics of the guitar with a lot of freedom.


I use this guitar for a few weeks. The appearance of the object and call its ergonomics play other than on a guitar design or dat format for a style, which does not exclude a wide versatility. I am satisfied with the del-of that I hope. I acquired it without trying, without Getting to know the existence of the mark Traveler APRS an Internet search. The report is excellent qualitprix (389). I'm trying to acqurir other instruments Traveler range, especially low MODEL Escape which has just been replaced by the new Escape MKII, and I do not for moment find succeded.

Translation of that final sentence: I want a low acqurir Traveler Escape "Discontinued" ... Please contact me if you have a track to find one!