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G-Lab Wah-Pad

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G-Lab WP Wah-Pad
News G-Lab WP Wah-Pad

TSI Distributing has brought the new True Performance Wah-Pad from G Lab to America.

Gone are the days of having to depress the pedal to engage (or disengage) the effect by clicking a mechanical switch. Instead, Wah-Pad (Model TBWP) senses pressure from the foot and instantaneously engages the attached pedal.

Developed and manufactured by Poland-based G LAB, the True Bypass Wah-Pad fits easily beneath any standard wah-wah pedal, engaging the device whenever pressure is applied, no matter what position the pedal is in. Removing the foot from the pedal smoothly and silently switches the device off, putting it into “true bypass” mode, eliminating any influence of the wah-wah pedal on the guitar tone until it is re-engaged — no matter what position the pedal is left in.

The True bypass Wah-Pad is an analog device that operates on a standard 9V alkaline battery or external power supply.

Connections between the guitar and amp are standard guitar cable to input, and TBWP output to the amp. The final piece is a small blocking ring placed around the wah pedal’s switch, keeping it permanently in its “on” position to prevent accidental turn-off while playing.

Once installed, your wah pedal plays the same as ever but without the need to worry about extra foot movements to turn it on and off, the company says. With the TWBWP, simply placing your foot on the pedal activates it (as shown by the TBWP’s “ACTIV” indicator light). Take your foot off, and the guitar signal bypasses the wah entirely.

The True Bypass Wah-Pad by G LAB comes with complete with 9V battery, blocking ring, and industrial Velcro for attaching your own wah pedal to the TBWP. Its rugged, stage-ready metal casing features a black powder coat finish.

Pricing & Availability
The G LAB True Bypass Wah-Pad is now shipping, and carries a U.S. MAP price of $149.99.

For more information, check out www.glab.com.pl.
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