Boss AC-2 Acoustic Simulator
Boss AC-2 Acoustic Simulator

AC-2 Acoustic Simulator, Other Guitar Effect from Boss.

jimindrix112 02/19/2005

Boss AC-2 Acoustic Simulator : jimindrix112's user review


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- What are the effects or types of effects available?
Acoustic simulator four modes: Standard (Dreadnought), Jumbo, Enhanced, Piezo
Setting the low mids and treble and volume control of course ...

- What technology is used? (Analog, digital, tube ...)
Bah ... what is the transistor

Very solid metal case, what is the Boss ...


No problem, very simple


So frankly it sounds pretty good, the first two modes are similar enough, the bass is much enhanced compared to a clean electric guitar sound, but of course, that resemble more of an electro-acoustic at Real Audio.
Modes and Piezo Enhenced rajoutent brightness and treble, it sounds great.

I play a Custom Shop Start and overall I am very satisfied.

I regret just a slight wind that is added when the pedal engages.


I have been using qques months and frankly it makes many services when you want a nice acoustic sound while playing an electric.
I really recommend this pedal, even if it is true that it is a bit expensive ...

That said, I have not compared with other acoustic simulators. It is up to you to try and get an idea;)