Snarling Dogs very tone dog
Snarling Dogs very tone dog

very tone dog, Other Guitar Effect from Snarling Dogs.

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Marty62100 10/02/2007

Snarling Dogs very tone dog : Marty62100's user review


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1 volume control.
(It's a compensator is said than zero, it is in fact the level of your amp if we add up. We can not turn it down what!)

1 switch. To switch from February 1

1 A roto-E switch and bypass position, which is also a serious boost to the volume of Contrle which, in this position, gives teeth to the signal.


To tame that big ass dog is difficult, it takes time to make this pedal in hand. It radically changes the sound of the guitar and demand (but not necessarily for better performance) a Therapy and Rehabilitation of equalization.

Otherwise it's the knob is super easy!


LA, we like it or not. I like more the only problem is that it is difficult to use in saturated (I think) the sound quickly becomes garish ...

But on the bright Mamamia! it's too much fun to have the sound of a telecaster twang with Sg and is frankly realistic! Go take a look at the sitre of snarling dog for a list of possible sound.

Its my favorite sound: Half fund, twang, blues and wild dog. It's easy to get a sound hendrixien!


Really good, but we must have easy ac hack request to retouch and edit the settings especially at the beginning because after we hold them was his preferences, but almost all its sound very realistic, and it's fun for ass Forgot style style!