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[NAMM] Cedist MusiCap Capacitors

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Cedist MusiCap Capacitors
News Cedist MusiCap Capacitors

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CE Distribution, LLC has been chosen as the distributor for MusiCap Capacitors. The MusiCap film-and-foil capacitors (formerly Hovland MusiCaps) are made in the USA by UpTone Audio and are distinguishable by their new red, white, and blue colors.


MusiCaps are designed to provide an improvement in clarity, focus and dynamics when used in critical new designs, as an upgrade to existing tube or solid-state components, or in loudspeaker crossovers.


MusiCap Film + Foil Capacitors for Electronics and Instruments

MusiCaps  are  constructed  using  separate  layers  of  foil  and polypropylene films, rather than the vapor deposited, metallized film used by most other manufacturers. Film-plus-foil construction requires more costly materials and result  in MusiCaps  being  approximately  100%  larger  than  typical metallized-film capacitors.

Leads  are  stranded, 22  gauge  silver-plated  copper  with  Teflon insulation.


MusiCap Film + Foil Capacitors for Loudspeakers

Speaker MusiCaps, with their thicker leads (ultra-fine strand, 15 gauge, silver-plated copper leads with polyethylene insulation), are intended for crossover networks.


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