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Faber Acoustical SignalSuite 3.0

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Faber Acoustical SignalSuite
News Faber Acoustical SignalSuite

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Faber Acoustical released version 3 of its SignalSuite audio test signal software.

According to Faber Acoustical, version 3.0 continues SignalSuite’s tradition of offering flexibility in an audio test signal generator. The major upgrade gives SignalSuite new features similar to those found in the recently released SignalScope Pro, including advanced audio device configuration, project files, and Audio Unit plug-in support.

We’re told that support for Audio Unit generator plug-ins opens up new possibilities for SignalSuite. The AUAudioFilePlayer plug-in, included with Mac OS X, enables SignalSuite to play back signals stored in audio files. Portions of the audio file may be selected and looped for playback. Plug-in support also allows end users or third parties to develop additional signal types to expand SignalSuite’s capabilities.

SignalSuite’s new project-based approach means users can save complex configurations in project files. This makes it possible to keep a number of different signal generator configurations on hand, any of which can be applied by opening its corresponding project file.

SignalSuite 3 costs $39. Licensed users of SignalSuite 2 can upgrade to SignalSuite 3 for $19. Those with licenses for earlier versions of SignalSuite may upgrade to version 3 for $29. Special education pricing is available. SignalSuite 3 requires Mac OS X, version 10.4 or later.

For more information, visit their web site at www.faberacoustical.com.
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