Konkreet Labs Konkreet Performer
Konkreet Labs Konkreet Performer

Konkreet Performer, Other Music Software from Konkreet Labs.

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lotche 06/23/2011

Konkreet Labs Konkreet Performer : lotche's user review

«  Excellent touch controller »

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Establish communication with my computer has not been without difficulty, but it was actually easier than I thought! (You just need the right IP address)
there are tutorials on the site builder, to configure the KP with different software (Max, Reaktor, Live ,....)
I use it with reaktor and the possibilities are endless!
Each node (node) controls several parameters freely assignable (up to 10 nodes on the same screen, but then it becomes difficult to master the résultats.Amis improvisers that's for you!)
Even I was not too used to the language I get a CSO customize my instruments with ease.
It is also possible to send MIDI messages via osculator for macs and a pure data patch for Windows (downloaded from the publisher's website)


No bug on the IPAD, but beware of overloading the PC processor when handling too many parameters at once!!


I have since June 21 and it's really huge! "
An excellent touch controller and very visual! I think it takes some time learning whereby one can achieve anything you want!!