kX Project kX Drivers [Freeware]
kX Project kX Drivers [Freeware]

kX Drivers [Freeware], Other Music Software from kX Project.

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Cybercyril31 01/02/2004

kX Project kX Drivers [Freeware] : Cybercyril31's user review


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No problem installing trs which is also well documented .... Some diseases take it all in hand given the diversity of options (I never thought that a simple SBLive 1024 contiene many hardware !!!!)


To see my personal record config ;-) nothing extremely special ....
But the whole is very stable, no complaints about this side l.


I do not recognize my "small" sound card very low latency, performance effects, best sound management are (although there is a pb toujuors cot maximum size, but the speed or the team working on the KX Project, I do not worry too much)

Has anyone there tried with Audigy 1 or 2?

Small dream can apparently they put him creative carte eplusieurs Live, Audigy, 2 PCI Audygy in his pc ... the price or they are .....