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MeldaProduction MUtility

MUtility, Other Music Software from MeldaProduction.

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MeldaProduction MUtility + Plugins Updates

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According to MP, MUtility is an effect providing elementary actions often useful for every engineer as well as more scientific features.

This consists of volume, panorama, phase inversion, stereo swapping, DC blocker, delay in samples and milliseconds, RMS and envelope, a few mathematical functions, expression evaluator and mono-stereo (de)encoder.


  • Up to 8 channels surround processing.
  • Easy-to-use user interface. You can easily change all values, fine-tune each control in multiple ways. Easy orientation in a standardized GUI, textual editing and smooth visualization with almost unlimited zooming are standard. Resizable and stylable GUI.
  • MIDI controllers with MIDI learn - you can map any parameter to any MIDI controller or MIDI keyboard and control it realtime or record and automate it.
  • Optimized for SSE and SSE2 processors.
  • Global preset management - using a title button you can save your settings (which are shared on the computer) so you can easily access these in other songs.
  • Fully automatable.


Changes in all effect plug-ins:

  • Added MUtility plugin.
  • Multi-parameters can now work as switchers or triggers, which modify target values over certain time period.
  • Modulators now have 3 modes - oscillator, follower and MIDI/audio controlled ADSR.
  • Added ADSR envelope processor for MMultiBandHarmonizer.
  • MSpectralDynamics now has a side-chain.
  • Added 3 more styles.
  • MMultiBandDelay bandpass now can be configured for feedback to simulate tape delays.
  • Smoothness can be automated/modulated on every signal generator.
  • Signal generator contains phase adjustments for harmonics.
  • Multi-parameters range can now be automated and default value can be configured.
  • Most modulator parameters can now be modulated, automated and controlled by Multi-parameters
  • MStereoexpander has been optimized and bandpass interval enlarged.
  • Plugins are now reporting tail in VST3 and AU, which can be used by host for optimizations.
  • Points of any envelope graph editor can now be locked.
  • MSpectralDynamics reset eq/threshold graph now clears only selected graph, not both.
  • Added processing shape for MAutoEqualizer, which can affect automatic equalization results.
  • Equalizer in MMultiBandDistortion can now be disabled.
  • MMultiBandHarmonizer mode now defaults to vocoder.
  • Fix: MReverb & MMultiBandReverb was crashing on monophonic tracks.
  • Fix: Multi-parameter values weren't stored properly.
  • Fix: Plugins weren't recognizing spacebar on Mac OS X.
  • Fix: MStereoProcessor didn't report latency in linear-phase & hybrid modes correctly.
  • Fix: Multiband plugins didn't report latency accurately enough in linear-phase & hybrid modes (differs by 1 sample).
  • Fix: Copy&paste in color dialog in style settings didn't work.
  • Fix: Threshold/graphs in MSpectralDynamics were sometimes not stored properly.
  • Fix: Installers on certain Windows system failed because of a missing system directory.
  • Fix: VST3 compatibility with FL Studio.


MeldaProduction has also updated MDrummer to v3.02, which includes a VST3 version. MeldaProduction has also released updates for all its effect plug-ins and released a new free one: MUtility.


Changes in MDrummer v3.02:

  • Added 6 new effects - MTransient, MChorus, MDistortion, MHarmonizer, MConvolution, MUtility.
  • MDrummer is now VST3 compatible.
  • 12 new MSynthesizer 4NN templates for various drums and percussion.
  • Advanced processing for every signal shape editor.
  • Added ping-pong mode, offset, input/feedback filter for MDelay.
  • Added 3 processing modes for MWaveShaper.
  • Random component selection in drumset designer.
  • Added hand-clap drum type.
  • All envelope points can now be locked.
  • Filled help on equalizer band editor.
  • Added tap feature for tempo.
  • Click protection for frequency modulation in MSynthesizer 4NN.
  • Added single output version.
  • Added input MIDI transpose.
  • Added output MIDI channel by drum channel feature.
  • Added preliminary MIDI out for AU.
  • Fix: Synchronization with songs with changing signature.
  • Fix: Compatibility with Digital performer.
  • Fix: Installer wasn't working on some Mac OS X and Windows 7 systems.
  • Fix: GUI updating on Mac.
  • Fix: Effect 1 drum type didn't have any assigned MIDI key.
  • Fix: Help windows occasionally failed to detect size properly.
  • Fix: Envelopes had invalid dB units.
  • Fix: SF2 and NKI import wasn't working correctly.
  • Fix: Pitch-bend processing range.
  • Fix: Mac OS X implementation ignored spacebar key.
  • Fix: Color window copy & paste.
  • Fix: Import of MIDI files with aftertouch.
  • Fix: Triggering of long breaks for certain rhythms processed through double-tempo feature.
  • Fix: Multiple outputs were crashing on some hosts.


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