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lapin poilu 11/29/2006

Korg TP-2 : lapin poilu's user review


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Prampli lamp module 2-way 2 12AX7
Two compressors can be utiliss simultanment for recording sources stro
48 Volts Power fantme
RESOLUTION numrique of supporting a resolution of 24 bits 44.1 kHz, 48 and 96kHz.
XLR and TRS 6.35 for entry and exit
Numriques output optical and coaxial format allowing direct connection your home studio.
Dimensions: 224 (W) x 172 (D) x 88 (H) mm
Weight: 1.4 kg

The use could not be simpler.

The sound, the dynamics is correct.
The prampli brings color lamps
The compressor is ok too.
Lack of nanmoins rglages on the compressor (I think).
The problem is that the Korg TP2 prample brings too much breath
and that even a small gain.
I tried everything nothing.
What makes this device totally unusable for me.

Overall trsdu by a machine that produces normment blast
and the same with optical outputs, fortunately it does not add the compressor.
Warning output numriques prevented him from playing on output levels.
I bought it at the same time a musician friend who has encountered the same problem.

So I just used (1 week) and have returned to the dealer
this important problem of breath.

small footprint of the machine (it's a plus)

The least
Standard breath
Buzz Electric (may be the adapter)
look not so good, a little cheap
before the unit had an Art Tube MP Studio
and an M-Audio Ozone, all on Mac
and I had recorded on prampli TL Audio
and I must say that the Korg is trs far behind.

I t attracted by the report qualitprix
but I never would do that choice l.