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saucisson 12/01/2006

Korg TP-2 : saucisson's user review


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It is a 2 channel preamp compressor transistors and lamps (electroharmonix 12AX7).
Connectivity is comprehensive: digital output, XLR and jack ....
By the compressor against dire need of adjustment
The machine is not rack mountable but unobtrusive.
The transformer is not built into the machine and can become a source of problems (interférences. ..)

Operation is very simple.
A fatal flaw: when using the optical output can not adjust the levels of output and not to overload the lamps.

It's very disappointing. Even if the dynamics is correct the breath of this unit is huge and makes it impossible to correct its output in both digital and output line. The XLR outputs are impossible to use the breath becomes mostrueux.
A big "buzz" is also heard at all times (transformer?) Except when you go up the gain since lesouffle takes over! Some are suspicious crackling a report ...
If you were to record a complete song with this unit I suggest you call it "breath" or "buzz" to choose from.

I did some tests on the machine for 2 to 3 hours.
Cons: too numerous to list
The quality / price: 100euros even this would seem excessive.
I have an audio Tl 5050 and it is not comparable.
I would do if this choice?
I sent the bug.