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Plogue Updates Bidule to v0.9688.

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Plogue Bidule
News Plogue Bidule

Plogue has updated Bidule to v0.9688.


Bug Fixes:

  • Audio Stats: values not exported correctly to the group level.
  • DSP/Poly adapter: parameters window missing parameters after using undo/redo.
  • Groups: names starting with an ampersand are not displayed correctly in menus.
  • Undo: undo of adding a bidule does not always release memory.
  • Matrix: clicking on cells when scrolled could lead to strange results.
  • Matrix: scrolling causing display issues on Windows.
  • MP Assign: better support of MIDI devices shared between MP assigned branches.
  • ReWire mode: tentative fix for crash on closing the device when displaying MIDI ports in PT because it doesn’t explicitly remove them (this needs a manual config/registry change):
    • OS X: open a Terminal window and paste this: defaults write com.plogue.bidule ReWireDevice.PTFix -int 1 (then press return).
    • Windows: under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\PlogueBidule add a DWORD value named “ReWireDevice.PTFix” (set its value to 1).
  • Spectral Graph: 4 channels version could crash depending on the FFT Window Size setting.
  • VST plugin: crash could occur on a mono track when there’s no default VST layout.
  • VST/AU plugin/ReWire mode: having the Never Substitute Devices option enabled could lead to layouts not loading correctly.
  • Windows: added possibility to blacklist ASIO devices in a text file.
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