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Plogue Updates Bidule to v0.9691.

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Plogue Bidule
News Plogue Bidule

Plogue has updated Bidule to v0.9691.

  • Offline mode can now support MP Assign.
  • Send To OSC Servers context menu: when applied on a group, all bidules inside the group will also be set to send to the selected OSC server.
  • Added Reorganize Presets.

Bug Fixes:
  • AU: if an AU changes its list of parameters, the original list could still be seen in the Parameter window.
  • AU: some multi buses plugins would show extraneous i/o.
  • AU: Cocoa UI not hiding.
  • CombFilter 2: not working correctly when using a delay of 0 samples.
  • MIDI File Recorder: pitchbend events could be recorded incorrectly.
  • MP Assign: many little adjustments made that should fix some non-working cases.
  • MP Assign: MP Assigning inside a group could lead to more CPU usage than it should.
  • OS X plugin mode: presets menu sometimes becoming non-responsive.
  • ReWire device: Bidule not able to start correctly in ReWire mode with Sonar under Vista.
  • VST plugin: multi output not showing correctly in Sonar.
  • Windows: windows for plugins and bidules could have their position slightly offset upon loading.
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