B.C. Rich Bronze Mockingbird
B.C. Rich Bronze Mockingbird

Bronze Mockingbird, Other Shape Guitar from B.C. Rich in the Mockingbird series.

MGR/Georg C Cocron 06/03/2003

B.C. Rich Bronze Mockingbird : MGR/Georg C Cocron's user review

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I bought the guitar new on E-bay for $130.

The body design is different. It makes a statement before you play a note!
The sound is heavy!
The feel of the guitar is awesome.
It's the perfect guitar for the hard rocker!

The neck is thick. This makes lead playing a chore.
The pickups are "muddy."
You can compensate for this though with your playing style.
The unorthodox body design is uncomfortable at first.
However,you get used to it.

The construction is solid.
It's a no frills B.C. rich.
It's understated, but raw and powerful!

I'm impressed with the bronzes series!
They are comparible with higher prcied platinum series guitars.
I'll use this guitar for heavy Meatl and hard rock recording and performance!

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