B.C. Rich Bronze Warlock
B.C. Rich Bronze Warlock

Bronze Warlock, Other Shape Guitar from B.C. Rich in the Warlock series.

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Malakian57 11/03/2005

B.C. Rich Bronze Warlock : Malakian57's user review


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-BC Rich Warlock Bronze Series Widow head (the one shaped bottle opener)
Made in China, although there is written "America" ​​on the cardboard
-24 Frets accessible thanks to the shape of the warlock, punctuated by periods of one pearl handle "Woodrose"
-2 Double Humbucker pickups BC Rich
A selector, bass / treble / medium volume control settings and an acute

Allure incomparable original height and performance


Small flat-handle may be a little bit slower than a race but it's really marple to seek ptite bete
However the handle is nice and the latest sharp frets are easily accessible even rather see practice
-The shape of the BC Rich is a real bonus and ergonomics does not interfere with the game even though it may be less comfortable to play sitting a long time but again nothing too terrible is just a matter of comfort and above is not made for sitting a BC Rich ^ ^
-The weight did not seem abnormal, the widow head weighs more than a conventional head but nothing to disturb
-Comfort is a big plus, however the sound is obtained without having to easely crush the ropes and what a sound!


Then that is where she really stands out:
-What attracted me to this scraper is above all his character both outside his tone
In effect it is ideal to metal with serious overkill and a desire to attack aggressively. Great if you like big sound!
Highs are not as poor as some say and we can all play even if the purists will cry foul if you play the top of the Hendrix
I am equipped with a Laney amp and the overdrive does not even need to be pushed as it attacks the bass.


It was the first guitar I use it for 6 months
It is much more versatile than what some may say (without having to try!)
This is a great beginner guitar and a very original personality. it also bothers me its also a little of the many (!) Replica Stratocaster

This choice I would do if I was and I advised to metal fans but also fans of rock that can be can find a different sound that makes each song becomes more "personalized."