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B.C. Rich Warbeast 1
B.C. Rich Warbeast 1
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Dark Emperor Dark Emperor

«  Good metal guitar »

Publié le 06/06/10 à 05:28
Made in China
Fixed bridge tune-o-matic string through-
Agathis body
Bolt-on maple
Two microphones BC Rich humbuckers
Mechanical oil bath
Chrome hardware
A volume control and a tone
Three position selector
Brilliant Black


The handle, relatively thick is nice, good grip.
Ergonomics are good, despite the form: not recommended for playing seated position type "acoustic guitar" is the back of the bass horn enters the thigh.
Guitar neither too light nor too heavy. Widow's head is a bit heavier than a normal head.
Access to the treble is normal and no more.
Guitar type metal or black metal.


The sound fat and heavy metal type is the main interest of this guitar.
With Dean Markley nickelsteel REG10-46, we obtain a relatively clean crystal clear sound passable, but the guitar is doing better with distortions, crunch, and bass and heavy, where the handle comfortable and wide enough for a good grip in hand.
With any amp, marshall or vox type in distortion, the sound is very powerful.


I use it for a year.
I tried other models like the typical metal Cort, ltd / esp, jackson, but the look, sound and price convinced me to acquire one Warbeast.
I wanted a fixed bridge guitar with a big sound with very heavy. Both pickups are very good for this use, including the neck pickup.
What I like most: his
What I like least: the bass horn that fits in your thigh
Value for money: truly excellent.
BC Rich guitars made in China are very good to use some hardcore metal, black metal. Especially in style rhythm guitar.
Solid and simple. Do not make the choice to play clean, blues, or ultra-fast virtuoso solos.
With experience I will ever be the choice. For the price, the quality is impeccable, flawless and strength for heavy use in extreme metal.

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