B.C. Rich NT Warlock FR Widow
B.C. Rich NT Warlock FR Widow
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fender-alex 06/16/2011

B.C. Rich NT Warlock FR Widow : fender-alex's user review

« Not bad at all »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Korean manufacturing we note the following:

Agathis body
Maple neck
rosewood fingerboard
Tremolo Floyd Rose type
BC Rich Tuners
24 jumbo frets
Landmarks points
Pickups: 2 BDSM humbuckers
3 knob (1 volume for each microphone and a general tone)
1 3 switch positions

Honestly I bought when I started mainly for the form, finally after 4 years of use, the violin is not so fantastic in it in the air, the microphones are feeble (which is a shame for this type of guitar) so I installed a kit home active pickups EMG (respectively 81 and 85), the sound became more than adequate.


- The handle is it fun?

Well, I say yes. despite the problems that I have to fret Re-enter, the handle is rather late, the strings rather close to the handle. allows the handle so fast and fluid solos effortlessly. rhythmic side, the handle is convenient and reasonably well.

- Ergonomics is it good (in terms of shape, weight ...)?

The body shape of this guitar is excellent for the fans of metal of all kinds. weight is correct, it is still extremely fragile and tends to bite the head in an upright position (ie a priori balancing problem).

- Access to acute (last fret) is it easy?

Access to acute is incredibly easy, despite the stop (because the handle screw). It reached the 24th box very easily.

- Gets it easy to sound good?

Get great sound with this guitar is almost the original challenge, however with a little patience and another micro kit can be found a very good sound and good custom.


As explained above, I installed a kit with active microphone EMG (which I highly recommend by the way). Is rather versatile, I play absolutely any style (classical, in the brutal death through the country or blues ...).
I would say that the sound should be almost perfectly has everything I play.

I will describe the sounds obtained clean, crunch, distortion, lead with two sets of microphones.

original microphone:
neck pickup:
its a bit chubby and domesticated, not enough lens for my taste.
slamming her a little too loud anyway.
the two together:
its a rather balanced and quite nice in itself.
neck pickup:
its too round, regardless of attack, disappointing.
her screaming, a lot of attack.
the two together:
a good compromise, the roundness of sound with a good offense.
neck pickup:
its too poor for the distortion.
not too aggressive but still too timid for my taste.
the two together:
not recommended, despite the complementarity of the two microphones
neck pickup:
the lead is pretty nice, round sound and very warm invitation to compose a long solo ride.
more aggressive and not too bad ideal for lovers of tapping or sweeping beginners.
the two together:
not recommended for the lead.

EMG kit:
neck pickup:
its very very very round at times recalling the sounds of old acoustic guitars, huge potential to exploit.
a sound very reminiscent of slamming guitars and a little country sound of Telecaster (I have an American).
the two together:
will prevent the use of two together, their sound is light years away from each other
neck pickup:
the crunch is forgotten completely the neck pickup to pick up.
very good though somewhat feeble attack.
neck pickup:
fans of heavy rhythmic welcome. added to the micro instrument making the warlock is perfect. bass, her round, little acute medium which is a shame.
big big attack, delivered wholesale.
neck pickup:
perfect for solos with big "rack" or languid solos.
then in the lead, one step above. harmonic whistling wishes. big win (yes it's active) then necessarily the legato is going incredibly easy, additional sleeve extremely handy the warlock makes the game even more impressive. Zakk Wylde solo so welcome.

In summary I play in my Marshall 100W is more than enough even if the sound is not great. Live, I play on the Engl powerball and it laughs more, it seems to change the world. The distortion is beautiful, extremely expressive solos and the sound is very customizable.


How long have you use it?

I use it now for 4 years and is part of my guitars on stage. After changing pickups it becomes really fantastic and with the mouth of a killer can only ask for more.

What is so special that you like most and least?

Most of this guitar is its look and can easily guess. The least is that it is bulky and find a box of transport is not necessarily the easiest of all. In addition, the balancing problem can quickly become uncomfortable on stage.

Have you tried many other models before buying it?

Actually before I had tried to acquire any model, this was my first real guitar.

How would you rate the quality / price?

The value for money is excellent, no complaints.

With experience, you do again this choice?

With the experience I do not regret that choice, it's a bit that has guided my playing and give a different face in my game now weighing the pros and cons, I would probably rather oriented a gibson or ibanez rather than this one.