B.C. Rich NT Warlock FR Widow
B.C. Rich NT Warlock FR Widow
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Ju13090 05/25/2013

B.C. Rich NT Warlock FR Widow : Ju13090's user review

«  Unquestionably the best »

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Made in Korea
Original Floyd Rose
Channel Driver 24 box slim
2 volume 1 tone


I'll make it very short because I have already made the review of two other bc rich of the same range.

The handle is more flat than the Stealth, much nicer, the key is almost flat.
The guitar is very heavy, no worry to reach the last box, much easier than the stealth.
I've always liked micro BC Rich malgès everything people say, warm, round, powerful and versatile.


The sound is just huge, and I'm not talking about microphones, but the wood quality of this guitar.
I have a Stealth draco and this one, all neck-through.
The warlock buried the other two, the sound is monstrous sustaine the guitar without ever stopping, setting the action can be very, very low ones, and I stress the above this determines a quality guitar.
All the boxes and all the notes sound so exceptional, I found a 240euros in a store in zik occasion.
This guitar is simply amazing.


For those interested it is a 2009 model, if you find one you will not regret.
Much better than the Stealth is already very good.