Cort '70s - no reference
Cort '70s - no reference

'70s - no reference, Other Shape Guitar from Cort.

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argavaen 09/17/2009

Cort '70s - no reference : argavaen's user review


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While country of origin I do not know at all, Cort is made in Korea it seems to me, but no info on this model than thirty years.

A rather short sleeve is a small frame, with 21 frets.

2 microphones with a single volume knob and a button for each tone common to the two microphones.

No frills, a vintage guitar with simple steps to make music.

Finished not too bad for a cort of that time.
And especially a look !!...


The handle is quite nice, varnished on the back so it slides right through cons I find it a bit late for my taste compared to my Les Paul. on the other hand if you play on TV, you will not be too surprised. the template rather short of the guitar is a little confusing at first but got used to it quickly.

The access is relatively easy to acute because of the geometry double cut. the guitar is light and comfortable Res.

The sound is vintage, the tone common to find different shades easily. Plitot nice.


So it's clear that it sounds vintage, these pickups really have the personality, the sound is warm, personally I love for blues, rock and everything is back to the fact that serious! The sounds of the neck pickup is very warm, round, and vary much according to the tone. bridge pickup slammed a little more but not necessarily crystalline, a very homogenous.
I loved the sound of that scratching makes!
I tried it on my Laney VC15 all-tube, it's really a nice couple. The figure shows that saturated both in clean, it's really vintage "for amateurs!"

So the sound: clearly the highlight in my opinion


Ah well I had not There's one week, I restored and I made it sound. yes I play telecaster and les paul for ahabitude. Then like any musicos I tried hundreds of guitars!

So really, one for audio, one for the look and + 1 for value for money! Paid 50 euros to 80 euros back after restoration, it's really a vintage shovel with personality!

Yes I would do this choice in the sense that I like to retype the old shovels, now I put it on sale, but only because I can not keep all the guitars that pass through my hands <img class="smiley" src="" alt="" />

Really scratched with a personality, pretty cool!