Cort Stature 115
Cort Stature 115

Stature 115, Other Shape Guitar from Cort in the Stat series.

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lsotis 05/14/2009

Cort Stature 115 : lsotis's user review


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See review below.
Everything is very correct, so for the price, and only for the saddle, it is a very good note


The neck is super fun to play, it glides on its own. Well, I'm not a Schreder either.
Access to acute ... bin as a stratum, neither better nor worse due to heel quite large.
I do not find it too heavy compared to my LP Standard C77. A good belt anyway and the weight is forgotten. The overall ergonomics, like a Start is very good.
This guitar provides great playing comfort, both sitting and standing.
If you get a good sound? Ben must be nuanced. It is a guitar that can be considered entry level. So we can say yes, and even better than that compared to the same competitive price. flat for HB knobs and not very progressive. Perhaps this is due to his age (22 years!) But the volume knob is not far from the on / off function. Tones not very progressive either.
Anyway, once again: for the price ...


She suited me, rather I should say 22 years ago and until a few years back: well! I have never used a big satus.
The single is simply amazing for the price, really good. Its a very typical Start (it's stupid to say but hey, it does so well)
HB, not bad, is still a tone below. Forget, however, the splitter is the thing we try when we receive it and forget very quickly that it can do it!

For cons, gives all the versatility. Everything can be addressed, perhaps through to the bulk metal.
I prefer to use sounds simple ... for now!
9 because the HB is a notch below the simple.


So I bought in 1987 and has made my happiness very long.
What I like his versatility and in hindsight ... longevity!
I still remember the article in "Musician" (Does it still exist?) Which said that for its price (2500 francs at the time) it offered much more than most shovels were worth the double. Do not know much, I bought your eyes closed.
I recently was looking for other sounds (plus P77 LP and TV) but frankly, this surprises me scratching. She has not moved, the handle is nickel finish excellent. I changed by Mecas cons, one had dropped.
I think I'll give it a facelift. I ran a HB C77 above but I will rewire and change the knobs.
It is beautifully agreement, even abuse of the vibrato.
In short, if you are looking for a cheap strat OCCAZ is a great choice that will bring you much better than many guitars that are now worth up to 400 € in New ... if not more! To the extent that it has not budged a bit in 20 years, there is little chance that it moves a lot the next 20 years. The rating is based on the price when I bought it and its rating today.