Cort Stature 115
Cort Stature 115

Stature 115, Other Shape Guitar from Cort in the Stat series.

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roplof 02/12/2008

Cort Stature 115 : roplof's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Made in core
2 simple
1 double splitable
2 tone
1 volume
wilkinson vibrato type
neck and maple body
rosewood fingerboard
22 frets


The handle is his strong point I think. extremely well done, as the set of violin making. nut and guide rope on roulette, precise mechanics. small flat, I find the frets very bad quality.
sound? it's beautiful and good for its price range. electronics is being treated. is not heavier than a true Mexican Start. the acoustillage is, as the frets, poor quality


In a word: versatility!
the microphones are of good quality simple and do what they do and has a pretty nice way. can be said of her boyfriend humbucker? well NO. the poor is a bit of a gentleman to pick up heavy saturation. it's not mediocre, it's more than adequate even for this price range. But it has not, without wanting to blame. he does what he can povre! splitage of the humbucker to say, little usefulness. signal loss is considerable!


If, like me, you scratch like a handle, the handle will help you.
I find it endearing that guitar. she always wanted to give the best of itself.
close to a great technical guitar playing on a 67 les paul 4000, found it extraordinary. not by its sound but for its comfort (you will say, when playing on paul ....) and accuracy.
qualitprix excellent report
I would do this choice if your eyes closed cort change the frets and acoustillage mdiocre. ft. I think it is still manufactured.
I aimeuuuuuu! but I need a new handle (requires shrink shit)