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Bixbeee 08/26/2010

Danelectro Dano Pro : Bixbeee's user review

«  a killer! »

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Manufactured in china, maple neck 19 frets = C
pu = 2 lipsticks,
volume / tone, Blablablah selector 3 positions ...
Lovers jewelry noble guitar geeks woodwork, go your way, you have here a minimalist rock'n'roll guitar with a sound and a particular look. We like it or not. I love it.
The finish is satisfactory (at least with respect mine).
Change the strings, the rglez a strand, and go!


The handle is pleasant, but a certain adjustment period is ncessaire Nevertheless if you play on Gibson for example, it is short and quite narrow but still very pleasant when the grip performs (an hour will do).
The access to the desti- nations most recently frets is not empty, after the douzime has become hot ...
Again, we did here in the particular and the minimum (taking understood hand). Know that you are holding a guitar with a sound that will not typ gifts certain styles of games clumsy or too little expriments but possde what is primarily a demand guitar; a sound that cares chills with a great signature! In addition it has a terrible look!
If you have the feeling, she will too. If you pay cash!


This guitar adfinitivement sound amazing! The mix lipstick + body mansonite dug at the microphones is magic! I am very fan of garages and sound this guitar makes me literally enjoy the ears ... She is not very versatile against (his very typ), we can all the same considerably enlarge the sound palette by changing amps, but the signature remains strong despite any type (also has to be loved).

One could compare the old Danish pro tlcaster dglingue; a twang, aa grain, a unique and incomparable sound we recognize at first hearing, both in clear that crunch / distortion.
For me, Danelectro guitars are really an absolute must (given the accessible price) ... I also possde a 59, and these are my two favorites ... yet I have some models tr s beefy all makes / models (I think close softly 20 guitars), but if I had to choose two, one Danelectro would be part of the lot, for sure!

Obviously, I am a fan of 50's garage rock 60's, Tom Waits etc ... So my opinion remains what it is.
If you love stoner rock guts or do as tapping steve Vai, I do not think this guitar is for you;)
although you never know ...

I use it in minimal configuration, image, ie mostly on petitee head 5w (epi junior head) with just a tube screamer maxon OD808 and a small slap delay, or so on ac15cc1 a vox: wonderful!
I had the opportunity to try it naked on a Black face = violent orgasm. Magic!
In short, it's a real pleasure to do a little blues or old rogue rocks under these conditions. What it sounds!


I use Danelectro recent years ... How to explain ...
The imperfections of this guitar makes its qualities. One could compare a digital film and a great band 8; The super 8 film is crappy but it's the one that I prefer!
In the same way as super 8 film, The Danelectro is a minimalist guitar with a grain and incomparable personality ... I want to say that this is the tlcaster the poor, with all that represents a. When I do the blues with a guitar 2500 euros, I always say that there is something wrong. The spirit of the blues is not either in price or in the brand, or in the woods or playing comfort. The spirit of rock either. I feel like an old fart western white privileged brutalized by his conditioning and losing sight of the deep instincts that drive him playing what they play.
Not musically, but in my head, it sounds wrong.
With the Danelectro I feel more in tune with the music I play, this guitar really has a mind! ... May seem silly but it's like a.

I would do this choice without hsiter, in fact I think buy a future (lives in open) ...
; )dropoff Window