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fuzzstone 12/12/2007

Danelectro Dano Pro : fuzzstone's user review


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Well, we are in the presence of a guitar rather nice although the color is less flashy than the pictures (Burgund for mine), we say duller, more matte. the weight is more than reasonable (You surprise me while agglo ..) the handle is 19 boxes, so rather short, trs in the spirit kay silvertone or 60's. at the same time it is the rditions amliorer the Dano Pro, scratches very rare because of the mythical golden sixties, so everything is explained.
two micro lipstick instead of only one cause, particularity of MODEL, the two microphones are connected in SERIES So when you put the switch to the middle, you get a humbucker sound limit (well, is not it in perspective, we are still far from a Burstbucker ...)
the finish is average, not indigent but hey, it feels cheap cot ..... trs quickly on mine, the plate on the back of the guitar badly screwed silent. but hey, she arrived shortly prt rule. the two knobs (volume and tone) are trs toys and the selector does not seem to last very long.
adhsive band around the body masonite (in fact against the plate) participates in the quaint charm of the model, the headstock is nice and trs mechanisms seem correct (to be confirmed on the hard)
215 including shipping in thotho, a purchase is a favorite not break the bank, but not expect the ultimate skyscraper. even on the finish, there's much better elsewhere for the same price, because not to mention the 57 junior Epi home a year ago that tore everything in terms of price quality ratio (blessed are those who buy a for a real y al P 90 gibs ..), some squier (the 51 in particular) offered better too, and no more expensive ....

come on, hop a good 6 / 10 as cheap and not too bad fucking finally, but not great either ... eh


Well despite his form a little "space", the guitar has a natural place in the sitting position, the handle (screwed) is rather comfortable, the strings are changing rapidly as the original it looks more like a wire fishing than anything else. The handle 19 boxes Drout a little at first but got used to it very quickly. Rather large but not huge either, quite comfortable living.
buttons graves under control. the bridge tends hooked the hands of those like me who play near it or it tends to rest their palm on it. So consider changing your habits.
short, it's not stratospheric, but we all know .....
for audio, we talk about the next chapter.

7 / 10 really nice to use


This is the it becomes confusing .....
vacuum it sounds good, it's not a gretsch 6122 either, but it sounds. branch in a very clear light, it's clear! crystal-clear even in the acute, is to play arpeggios or picking, back above the Byrds or floyd barrett period and we really believe it ... the intermediate position can crunch Legris, but hey, it does not give his best in this condition.
Distortion channel is activated less immediate, a request to settle a little EQ of the amp to get the best, and the intermediate position, has done really well ... "interstellar overdrive "and" Astronomy Domine "Quiet!
Needless to say, neither the hard nor the metal, not even the big rock stonien pele does this, just stuff a little delicate, folk, "White Summer" of the Yardbirds, blues roots well in picking, the it does little serious .... also see a nice little garage rock to the sonics. I had a blast a resume "Strychnine" on it ... the White Stripes are not far away.

and a good 8 / 10 forthe sound, but not all sounds ... do not make me say what I say.


In résumé is anything but a scratch happens everywhere, not versatile two bullets, but at the same time, what we are fucking a versatile scraper? on it is not for everyone, but who wants to be everyone?
no, it's a guitar of characters, which has its own identity and sound short, a real instrument alive with me although she has, he must learn to tame it. I know this is subjective, but here it is, when you buy one, no one buys a pacifica 112 ... not the same approach.
Personally, I bought it for my daughter (10 years) so that it starts and it works its range. Indeed, the guitar is lgre, comfortable, and possesses a real clear sound. couple has a little Vox Pathfinder 10, it can start the guitar with real instruments, sound quality and that for less than 300 amp included.
OK, I admit, it's still well east vintage, but hey, I did not see me give him a Yamaha (motorcycles are not?) And a Berhinger, or worse, a pack jim harley .... once the disgust making music.
And since there is more chance that I teach him "Pipeline" and "Misirlou" that "forbidden games ".....
short, we live Danelectro offers vintage instruments for the price of a pedal effect. is what I would do it again? More ways than one!

8 / 10 in total, but with a proper finish on 10 silent in sight ...