Marc0 08/23/2006

Fender MG69-85CO : Marc0's user review


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See the features described by Alchemist below.


This is a guitar very light, very fine-looking, very "surf". The handle is really small, and, if defeated by his frets a little thin and small, is relatively nice and holds up to play all styles.
It plays quickly and smoothly, the style "student" Fender is doing its office; we play effortlessly either agree or picking.
Unfortunately this type of handle like and dislike, it is very well made, but surely not please some people.

The electronics are a bit complex, especially for a guitar with two single coils.


This is a guitar that suits a lot of style, but a vocation that keeps punk / blues / surf ... You see the beach boys? hehe.
The sound is very dry and very clear, no jazzy tone here, the sound is a big slap acute and crystalline. A guitar that is very suitable for arpeggios.
In disto she is doing okay, the sound is a little stiff and banging, but it may be appropriate for the punk / skatecore & Company ...
In short, clear sound that cleaves the air, comlme crystalline diamond, but be careful, almost no gain and not much bass.


In short, this guitar has a look undeniably successful, with the Fender. The handle like and dislike, as the guitar and the sound actually. A guitar to try before you buy, but which certainly will please many. The typical Fender, a guitar with lots of personality. A beautiful 9, it would have been 10 if I had the opportunity to try the original