Fender MG69-85CO
Fender MG69-85CO
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toto44182 03/15/2005

Fender MG69-85CO : toto44182's user review


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C a Jap!
22 Cases
2 micro selectors (one each micro pr)

The finish is superb. No default


The neck is super nice. ca tt slip only a Fender C c normal
c fluid. You will be seeing you or seeing you
The microphone is discreet and do not interfere when you play pa c nikel.


It sounds good pr a Jap.
With adjusting microphones is obtained diferentes sounds
we have little by putting microphones in phase gap oposition a very clear
we have little by putting microphones in live closer oposition a more serious
we cut a little ossi micro etc ...
So we just have eight different sounds.


It's going to make one.
This guitar is unusual which gives it a certain originalitbr /> In addition is the beautiful. Mine is red is beautiful

I chose this guitar the look pr, lorginalit and sounds different