Fender Special Edition Toronado GT HH
Fender Special Edition Toronado GT HH

Special Edition Toronado GT HH, Other Shape Guitar from Fender in the Toronado series.

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DaftSystem 02/29/2008

Fender Special Edition Toronado GT HH : DaftSystem's user review


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- In which country was it made? (USA, Japan, Mexico, France ...)

Korean manufacturing

- How many frets, what kind of micro as well as their configuration?

22 Frets, Seymour Duncan Pickups, American-made model:
SH-1N RP '59 Reverse Polarity Humbucking Pickup (Neck
SHPGP-1B Pearly Gates Plus Humbucking Pickup (Bridge)

- What type of bridge (Floyd, Wilkinson ...)?

Easel form Lespaul ...
- What are the settings (volume, tone, micro switch ...)?

Knobs 3 positions, with possibility of changing the volume of each micro independence, and the tone.

- What type of race?

Form C

- Comments?

The configuration is quite good for the price, but one thing I have to complain at the level of freight, they are very big, it comes out more than normal, which can sometimes be annoying, that said you get used to all, its also helps not to stay all the time stick to the run but a bit less fat would not be too many. If not for the rest, all is OK.


- The handle is it fun?

Yes, really, it's asser end (more than a classic Fender Stratocaster) and tighten the strings are asser, which I like enough. There is just this problem of freight.

- Access to acute (recent freight) is it easy?

No worries, we will not even think ...

- Ergonomics is it good (in terms of shape, weight ...)?

Asher is a very heavy guitar I think, due to its wood, mahogany, asser dense, but this provides a sound liu asser bold character, ideal for the big rock.

- Gets it easy to sound good? ...

Yes, it is very Polyval, its either clean or crunchy sound is good, it fits almost every style is what I like about it. The microphone also offers very good sound quality (Seymour Duncan please!)


- They are suitable to your style of music?

Asser, I've mostly solo, although it may experience more acute mark, once the volume of pickups and equalizer, amplifier properly adjusted, it is perfect. To support that is, no matter the style of music, the bass is his domain.

- With what (s) amplifier (s) or effect (s) do you play?

I is not really the amp is an amp Software: Guitar Rig 3. It is connected to a sound card M-Audio Firewire 410 and passes through an equalizer and DBX compressor. But if not on my micro cube rolant I use to travel, it is great.

- What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "bold ",....)?

The sound tends mainly to the fat, but with proper adjustment I can make myself a crystal-clear sound easy, which is very pleasant and melodious.

- What are the sounds you prefer, you hate?

I like the crunch, very vintage, and I do not hate ...


- How long have you use it?

For a year, and I still do not get tired.

- What is so special that you like most and least?

Its shape is very beautiful and original asser and color, for my part I colored bronze.

- Have you tried many other models before buying it?

Of Lespaul, and many Fender strats, Mexican and U.S. (Never Korea)

- How would you rate the quality / price?

Very good, very good, I got it for 600 euros new, even if it lacks all étaius to buy (no jack, house etc. ..) I did not care a lot, it was only the guitar that interested me, and I was not disappointed.

- With experience, you do again this choice? ...

Totally, I hesitate even

- Comments?

A note for the "Made in Korea", do not expect a violin too bad, quite the contrary, in my case anyway, all was very good, positoin the handle and the rest were basic good. The only downside that we can understand the hardware and quel'electronique the guitar was not great, the screws are demauvaise quality welding cables and microphones a little feeble, so I just change the hardware and welds redone to make it a product of a more sustainable Lont ....