G&L Tribute ASAT Deluxe Carved Top
G&L Tribute ASAT Deluxe Carved Top

Tribute ASAT Deluxe Carved Top, Other Shape Guitar from G&L in the Tribute ASAT series.

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TheJeff666 06/01/2013

G&L Tribute ASAT Deluxe Carved Top : TheJeff666's user review

«  typed, versatile rock, much better than fender »

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made in Indonesia it seems, microphones and fittings U.S., can be assembled U.S..
Swamp ash body
table carved flamed maple
neck and maple fingerboard (radius 9 ")
easel G & L U.S. superb
microphones Fullerton Magnetic Field (favorite!!)
A wonderful achievement. it's been several years that I spotted these models (Asat Special) U.S. models or Tribute, I tried a lot before making my choice. Nothing to complain about in terms of violin, neck telecaster great (if you like that type of handle, which is my case), well above the fender entry-level or mid-range (I have several .... ) shrink perfect nitro lacquer beautiful (the picture does not do him homage.) In short, a great guitar at a very affordable price (as it is between 400 and 500 € new).
I bought it new in store fun for me to compare the fifty guitars present (all lines combined), it was clearly in the top of the basket.


As stated above, the handle is a treat if you like telecasters. it is not light, but it is not a heavyweight either, very well balanced. for access to the treble is a telecaster, not a yamaha ...
When to get a good sound, well it is simple, try these pickups Fullerton Magnetic Field to understand. it is a single coil with a good level of output, it is between a microphone and a Jazzmaster P90, very precise and dynamic, powerful, but with a grain and its own personality that I love.
The first time I tried a Asat special, intrigued by these villains microphones, connected to a mesa its clear neutral EQ, I plated an agreement and I did "YOUAHHH!". the salesman came astonished took my guitar hands, and he planted a deal too. it has opened the eyes and he did: "oh well shit, I had not tried that the" he has not made me the guitar burst with force, and he missed a sale. ..


I play everything, 60% in the clear, 30% crunch and 10% saturated. it comes out of every situation, from jazz to funk, crystalline arpeggios for clean sounds. Attention must be played with the volume of the microphones for clear sound, microphones send wood ... This allows a tube amp with a gain that heats nice to have full range of sounds knob ... about electronics is very effective and of good quality, volume and progressive tone, no play in the knobs ... suddenly, I who used to tinker my guitars (and some that are worth much more expensive ...), that's, I do not even touch it, it is perfect as is.
For crunch, well it is the foot, a P90 without too much fat, but grainy, with the dynamics and precision and more, and a good level of output, you can imagine ... sonic youth, dinosaur jr, my bloody valentine, and of course all the big record rock, blues and hard ...
For distortion and high gain, well I have not tried it yet, but considering the personality of microphones, good output level, accurate and high dynamic, even if they are single coil, I do not see why it would not work. edit after testing with the AMT and hast ss11b tung in soil ...


Quite a guitar for 500 €, which remonstrated with a multitude of guitars more upscale. nickel violin, achieving flawless, perfect electronics and pickups with a unique sound, a strong personality and versatility. It is always present in the mix (live or in the studio, with or without effects) without the need for treatment, and she also knows how to delete ... PERFECT!! with my vox 25 mounted knuckle bar, it's my guitar that is more accepting of the effects, it was nice to torture in all directions, phaser, flanger cleats, large delays and reverb, the guitar sound is always before the effects, even live, I love it ...
I have twelve guitars, very different and some upscale. I spotted the asat special for more than four years, I've tried full, tributes and the U.S., each time I took my foot ...
G & L is Greg Fullerton and Leo Fender, the creators of the electric guitar, a certain idea of ​​the violin and the U.S., and especially the evolution that has never known fender ...
As to whether I do it again this choice, well it's simple, I realized that I had no real telecaster, and last year I tried the classic asat comparing the fender, the comparison is cruel to fender and in less than six months, when I stopped my choice, I have a classic asat, probably a U.S. model ...