G&L Tribute ASAT Deluxe Carved Top
G&L Tribute ASAT Deluxe Carved Top

Tribute ASAT Deluxe Carved Top, Other Shape Guitar from G&L in the Tribute ASAT series.

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Thierry255 11/12/2013

G&L Tribute ASAT Deluxe Carved Top : Thierry255's user review

«  Very good sound for cheap! »

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G & L Tribute series (made in Indonesia, I think).
2 humbuckers, and split with a push-pull on the tone knob. 3-way switch.
One knob general tone and volume (the change is gradual knobs)


Rosewood nice, weight is really not very important, access to the treble is pretty good. The guitar is well balanced, weight and level playing position, no complaints.
The purchase (I got it secondhand), there was a small cut in rosewood, down the neck, which was very easily "plugged" by my luthier. Finally, I had my saddle which was precisely because I resize the frisouille in some places the handle (it seems that it is very common on guitars from the factory).
I was able to get a good sound after switching to my luthier, who has set me these little problems and set the hair guitar (shares and microphones).

Note that I never use adjustment "single coil" because if I take a guitar with humbuckers is not to switch to the single :), as the sound is good, no worries, we still hear a slight decrease in volume when the microphones are splits.

Finally, regarding the knobs (volume and overall tone), it is much more convenient than other similar models, for which there is a tone and volume by micro ... And yes, not practical when you play at an intermediate position to play with the volume knob ...


My first opinion was rather average by testing starting this guitar, bought it because I found a great price and I love the look!
I was looking for a guitar approaching my '72 Tele Deluxe U.S., in terms of sound (and possibly also the look) in order to rotate with it and leave a little my old ;)
I use this guitar on a Rivera Chubster 40 with od - distortion - fuzz + delay - phaser - chorus.
The pickups are well balanced, the bridge pickup is crystalline is a slight bit aggressive, the center position is the one I prefer, crystal (it is so good: D) but also with a lot of roundness (and if slamming I dare say) brought by the humbucker. I am not using the neck pickup coupled with my fuzz (sort of Fuzz Factory) because I think it lacks a definition of very light hair (it's really to be fussy).
The output level of the microphone is rather "standard" I would say (again, well balanced), compared to my old Telecaster that goes very quickly "crunch".


Used for about 6 months, I find myself using it almost as much as my Deluxe.
I like the look (I have black), I have not tried other models because listening to some videos on Youtube (there is really not much!), J ' enjoyed his grain, and that given the different opinions on G & L guitars I did not take a lot of risks ... I jumped at the chance when one of these models has been sold on Le Bon Coin. Busted in a secondhand is rather rare I think :)
This guitar is a great alternative to someone who would look a look or sound similar to Deluxe TV, but much cheaper, with better pickups (the Wide Range reissue).
Honestly, hard to beat at the value for money! Even new price, I buy!
When you see the last few years the quality of Fender models "entry level" in these rates there is not always a good pick .... , I do not think I took too many risks, and I'm not disappointed (on the contrary!)
In the words of the pub, given the quality, "not enough my dear son": D