Hamer Slammer Series Californian
Hamer Slammer Series Californian

Slammer Series Californian, Other Shape Guitar from Hamer.

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nydaunvan 08/19/2006

Hamer Slammer Series Californian : nydaunvan's user review


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- Guitar Saddle manufactures from Corea in 1998 by Hamer (more manufactured today. There are three types of Hamer, Hamer the United States, high quality guitar and trs trs dear, Hamer Slammer Series and, trs honest quality guitar made in Korea and Slammer by Hamer guitar for small budjet low quality. Mine is a Hamer Slammer Series.
- 27 frets, the pickups are Duncan original design that I replaced by EMG
- Bridge Floyd Rose Licensed
- A basic volume, a selector 3 positions but with the addition of EMG active micro I added a tone knob and a jack from Stro.
- Channel is bias cut (or 27 for cargo) in Saddle trs enjoyable, smooth, fast, friendly, what


- Channel trs is enjoyable, smooth, fast, and has 27 frets which is rather rare on a guitar.
- Access in acute and incredible ease until the 27th cargo.
- Level ergonomics, the guitar would be well in hand, not too heavy and the shape is pleasing.
- The sound when it is a rather good quality varied with the particular micro EMG I addition. I finally find what I want.


- Basically I'm rather in mtal but I also like other styles of music ranging from reggae to jazz to the mtal see death. This guitar is versatile and therefore allows easy adaptation.
- Currently I play with a 100 watt amp Marlboro with a zoom 510 pedals and distortion warp H & K. Good is not what is doing better now in, I just change the amp, but requires budget, I still like that now. The guitar adapts well to this amp, the sound is not too crystalline or too fat, it is versatile, what I like.


- I use this guitar for a few days and I am satisfied compltement.
- The particular feature I like best is the sleeve bias cut has 27 frets and the quality of the guitar.
- I possde other guitar (see my profile) and I think it's one of the better now that I have now.
- Report qualitprix is ​​pretty good since I pay 250 this guitar on a garage sale. For me it is worth much more.
- Without hsiter I would do this election if I had the opportunity.