Hamer Steve Stevens
Hamer Steve Stevens
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TheBiloute 11/18/2005

Hamer Steve Stevens : TheBiloute's user review


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Hamer SS1b United States 1986, by Steve Stevens develloppé model at the time
Rebel Yell (Billy Idol) on the basis of Hamer Prototype I and II
Honduras mahogany body of a piece of modernized form LP Special
in Maple set neck, rosewood fingerboard, 24 frets, jumbo frets, tune Gibson
the neck is narrow at the bottom (41mm) and then widens epai lot and refined to acute
SSH config custom DiMarzio (specification according to Stevens)
Floyd Rose original tremolo
knob one volume, one tone control, a selector and a 3 pos switch for
change the config: neck-neck/mid-mid or neck-neck/bridge-bridge


The neck is PERFECT!
perfect for gaming inch above the bottom (penta blues with a feeling of 60 LP's)
it is ideal to shred in the high (broad, flat end) the best round of the World
Access to acute total until the 22 th box .. after it is more hard
ergonomics, small body, good weight / balance, comfort
sustain the load is phenomenal (as good as my LP Heritage)
violin making is exceptional, 20 years after she did not Disagree
changes between two strings (even abused!)


The sound is distinctive, bold, warm but incisive and angry
This is a guitar for heavy rock / hard, simple sound good strat
HB sends very strong! (To hear what happens Listen solo
the generic Top Gun .. Steve has recorded with just Hamer in a Super Lead)
it is not for the cold metal!
I use this guitar for two years, I played a JCM800 master volume 50W
a Tonelab SE (who eats the character of the Beast) and a Digitech RP20 Tube
This is a guitar "straight" it does not scratch the side of the neutral SCHEDULED FOR
long treatment (VA, Iba, Blade ...) it must be used on the right gear tube
of the modeling is a waste


I tried one for almost 20 years (a fan of Steve Stevens) because it is also
a unique guitar that has no equivalent (form, config, sound, etc. ..)
I have 2 years (bought $ 350 on ebay !!!!!!!! that's the price / quality ratio)
I had about thirty guitars (Fender, Iba, Jackson, Washburn, Kramer, Heritage ..)
but this one exceeded all! it's MY guitar that I never quiter ...
And if I would do it again at least 10!