Ibanez MC550
Ibanez MC550

MC550, Other Shape Guitar from Ibanez in the Musician series.

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yvgot 11/04/2005

Ibanez MC550 : yvgot's user review


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Great guitar, at the extreme quality and care of <span class="skimwords-unlinked"><span class="skimwords-unlinked">fabrication.je</span></span> bought it a long time ago, and after, a fan of strata and musicman, I "abandoned" in an attic 88 has not been heated campaign, but in its original case., well ... even dry when I rcupere believing moldy and useless .. So I cleaned the polish with spray "gibson" a little kf contakt on switches, knobs, inverters, etc! , Strings ernie ball, a small adjustment of the bridge and harmonics ... and RAAHHHH LOOOOVELY. it sounds better than ever! the best of the best, if you find one, is the MC-550 + active <span class="skimwords-unlinked"><span class="skimwords-unlinked">prampli.mais</span></span> make only a few copies .. but the MC500 is not bad either ..


Channel average thickness, a slightly rounded, like the les paul deluxe or custom.et some pr-cbs fender .. the key is very dark ebony. wood is a little used nowadays because it is very expensive to machine and import. the frets are a bit like the Kramer or Charvel old, smooth and Exceeds barely the thickness of the wood .. great art!.


The neck through the entire body, there are several layers of wood, very beautiful, with varnish and lacquer layers .. and then three months ago, I found an Ibanez brochure of the time (1978) the coatings were utiliss some Steinway pianos and violins, cellos costing big bucks. Russian ibanez but had to get them .. How? we think it's because they wanted to make high-end and change their rpuation of "copiers" of a Rican .... unless they have managed to re-create the magic formula, jealously guard ... At that time, there was also in the IBZ SERIES "artist", a small quarter of a little cash lgre .. but not comparable to this deal "MUSICIAN". more luxurious ..


The humbuckers are very powerful, but has modified your settings are gr as many, but too compliqusa my opinion. was the great fashion, and more beginners are 80.il Varitone one that provides the sound of the most famous guitars. I have rarely seen a guitar as beautiful and versatile. it lacks only 1 tremolo (floyd or kalher) to be what can be done better and scratches. and again, this is not essential!. on a good tube amp, and even on a small 30w peayvey Transtube was perfection, and the pleasure of playing a rarity. a bit heavy, but so enjoyable!