Music Man JPX 6
Standalone 01/14/2013

Music Man JPX 6 : Standalone's user review

«  In my opinion the perfect guitar. »

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Value For Money : Poor
The JPX is a guitar made out to 24 frets and floyd USA.Le wraps provide mechanical stability agreement impeccable.
Both pickups are DiMarzio. Liquid Fire for a handle and a Crunch Lab for the bridge.
The three settings allow you to adjust the volume of magnetic pickups, tone and volume of piezos. The 5 positions selector offers several distinct tones.
The body of the guitar is recessed portion for a warm clean sound, and thanks to the piezos.


The handle is a reference in terms of comfort and access to acute. The ergonomics are perfect, which makes it a very easy guitar to play.


Are in when it meets my expectations. Whether or clear distortion, the sound is clear and crystalline.
Through the Mesa Boogie Mark V, there is the sound of John Petrucci. Once the name is mentioned, there is a fairly clear idea of ​​the sound quality achieved through this guitar.


I use the JPX over 2 years at a high price. However, I do not regret. I owned a JP6 before JPX, and progress is noticeable in the first few minutes of games.

If you have the means, do not hesitate!