Music Man Luke (Floyd Rose)
Music Man Luke (Floyd Rose)

Luke (Floyd Rose), Other Shape Guitar from Music Man in the Luke series.

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awks 10/10/2007

Music Man Luke (Floyd Rose) : awks's user review


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Mister USA by Ernie Ball MusicMan ... ..
22frets, micro EMG 2 single 1 double and 2 EMG85 Lukather model SA. Floyd Rose tremolo / vibrato, one volume setting for ... maybe a tone would have been a good idea, it is also the option taken for its model number 2, but not essential.
Channel V version Lukather ...
Too bad for Stratocaster and Lespaul, but this guitar, as version 2, they kick your ass .. and I know what I mean, I have four at home, I had a Strato and I still have a great Lespaul ....


Handle of a comfort and an unsurpassed precision.
Balance, height, weight, beauty, close to perfection.
The sound that kills, powerful, precise, dynamic ...


I play Hard, blues, heavy, prog, rock FM (obviously) ... it meets all the pickups are single super clean and very dynamic. twice, nothing but happiness ...
Marshall JCM800 amp on, JCM900 heads lamps and booths G12T75 1960 in Greenback, or Mosfet Lead 100 Marshall cabins 1965 and 1966, or with heads Valvastate V100, or sometimes Mesa combos ....
The EMG kit is capable of anything with easy adjustments qq .. Only flaw because of Floyd, too much especially acute with new ropes and dug a little more midrange than Model 2, and no knob tone .. but all this is quickly forgotten when one knows one little and quick adjustment accordingly ...


For 10 years now in its red pearl, I waited for years qq bought the second in blue pearl (they are beautiful!)
What I like most is the finish and comfort of the handle ...
What I like least? Nothing! everything is in the scratch. Yet I was in love with Gibson Lespaul 12 years since I was, I do. I tried and bought many guitars through Fender Stratocaster, Vigier, PRS, SG, Charvel (it was not bad there at the time that )...( see also Silhouettes at Musicman, they are great and too little known in France ..)
Very good value for money compared to Gibson and Fender to see excellent, but in France it is still too expensive .. Try the USA, or occasion ...
I redid this choice several times already, I might stop there, right? I said maybe ... and yet I was very Lespaul Strato and at a time ..