PRS 513 Maple Top
PRS 513 Maple Top

513 Maple Top, Other Shape Guitar from PRS.

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pat1308 06/03/2012

PRS 513 Maple Top : pat1308's user review

«  Unstoppable this guitar is a legend »

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Value For Money : Correct
It is imperative to take the 513 with the high-end violin ie the wooden handle Brazilian otherwise it's a shame because the electronics have been designed for the violin, if not in any great components.


The neck is fantastic, the sounds now, it is unique so try it is a real Swiss Army knife for audio but beware this is not an LP or a Strat so far it's different but very similar.
Otherwise everything is very well thought out on this guitar so access to acute and weight is perfect.


She can do anything, especially with a good amp. this is beautiful


The value for money is the problem now a guitar for all these sounds and this is the look that you have to buy now and keep it for life, again if you want this instrument should be taken with the 2004 version the corresponding wood because it is a killer.
What I like most about the feel of wood exception, not the less I see.
I am a fan but it will take a good save to buy a second in a different version, but why not.