PRS 513 Maple Top
PRS 513 Maple Top

513 Maple Top, Other Shape Guitar from PRS.

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Nap4 12/18/2011

PRS 513 Maple Top : Nap4's user review

«  For life! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Made in Maryland United States
Floyd bridge. I put a shim in the vibrato (the vibrato is not my thing)

Rosewood handle brsilien crude. Now prohibits the sale, making it an instrument dsormais rare and exceptional. No varnish. It is therefore patina over the years use.
22 frets
No problem of rglage or keeping the agreement despite changes in temprature or hygromtrie. Stable.
5 + a micro electronic SPECIFICATIONS according to which associations can play in Heavy tantt Humbucker, single coil or tantt light, thanks slecteurs 2 trs simple to use.
2 trs progressive pots (volume, tone), although the electronic age seems a bit fast.

knob the volume is too easy to turn and not be touched while playing, it can easily drgler at the risk of losing power in full chorus. I do not care, because there are seldom 10,000 people in the audience. But when even ...
10 for the handle, knob 8 for the joker. Average 9.


Channel hyper enjoyable to the touch, sensual limits.
Acute accessible without problem.
Although balance and not so heavy that despite a solid mahogany body.
For a sound, simply turn the pots and operate slecteurs and, miraculously, there is always something crdible.
This instrument will not give you the sound, but a varied palette of sounds trs, always with an own personality. It's not a guitar "signature" with its all prt, mch all of your idol hairy. It is an instrument made for you sculpt sounds always good and always crdibles. But requires a little learning.


As I said earlier, you can do anything. You can play as in Gibsonian stratode or gretscheux. It can do everything, I tell you.
But it is none of these provided REFERENCE!
The rosewood handle (magic) dlivre unless a harmonics mahogany fawn LP. a slap but not as a strat.
And then sustain this ...
The 513 has its own personality, which can approach classic-references (LP, Start ...) which can mostly go to del.

I tantt branch of an old AC 30, a Mesa tantt 5 / 50 or a Fender Blues Junior. No fault of taste.


5 years of happiness.
I have others. It can be infidle, right? ... Strato, Tlcaster, LP standard Duesenberg.
But the 513 is that I like best because you can take it in all registers.

CHRE trs guitar especially for this MODEL, which is no longer present (no ide of the score, all I keep fawn).

The current 513 has a mahogany veneer, more Lespaulien.

Still a good quality price.
I feel that it will outlive me.
I am pleased to have trs fortunate to acqurir this MODEL rare.