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MGR/Anonymous 06/26/2001

PRS CE 22 : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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I walked into a guitar shop in Bondi (Sydney, Australia) which was having a closing down sale. They had some Paul Reed Smith guitars going really cheap - The CE22 was listed at $AUD2000. At that point in time, their standard retail price was $AUD3295. I bought the guitar because I love PRS guitars and I really wanted one!

I love the neck shape. It's a Wide Thin neck which is very similar to the neck on an
early 60's Strat ( I love them too ). The frets and the quality of the rosewood make the
neck extremely fluid and smooth to play. The Dragon II humbuckers provide a
huge-fat guitar sound that is great for alternate rock music.

Most bottom level PRS guitars can have either a Stoptail piece or a Tremolo system.
Mine has the Stoptail. The design of the Stoptail is "not that great" in that it forces
a fairly brutal angle on the strings which, I believe, results in A, D and G string
breakages from time to time. I also don't like the 5 way rotary switch for changing
pickups - I prefer a toggle, like a Strat. Some PRS guitars do come with toggles.

PRS are known for consistent construction. The guitar is put together VERY well
and is sturdy, yet light. The finish is flawless (er... was flawless).

I definitely got my money's worth. It was a freakish bargain and I was lucky to be
in the right place at the right time. I could probably get my money back on it in a
second sale if I wanted!

PRS guitars are awesome. However, some of the things that make them
awesome for some people, may make them ordinary for others. Try before you buy.
One thing that I think makes PRS guitars so good is their necks, and particularly,
their WT (Wide Thin) necks - these are great for hard hittin, small handed players
like me. The body shape LOOKS fantastic, but I prefer the contoured feel of a Strat.

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