PRS Custom 24
PRS Custom 24

Custom 24, Other Shape Guitar from PRS.

pasgroumpf 05/21/2005

PRS Custom 24 : pasgroumpf's user review


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I will not blablatter hours on that information can be found on the website of PRS ( (, but still a bit D: D
These guitars are made entirely aus United States and assembled by hand.
As its name suggests, is a guitar with 24 frets like a micro HFS treble pickup and a Vintage Bass neck pickup like.
You can choose between two types of switch: a switch positions 3 and 5 in the double coil splitter single, which gives an incredible range of sounds (which is handy when you do have a scratch).
The bridge is a tremolo made in PRS, which is fine, but that has a "race" quite small. It is not possible to use the example Satriani
The knob really lets his play on the saturation and expands the sound spectrum of the beast.
There is still a fairly standard tone knob.
There are several types of heat with different thicknesses, which allows everyone to find their way


The neck is super friendly, the finish is amazing.
The guitar is actually quite heavy which is usually a good sign.
Dice the grip, you feel the quality in the fingers.
Do you get a good sound easy?? Uh ... How to say ... There's no other possibilities!
It sounds huge!!
For those who want a little more, here are two links to the microphones:
Listen, it's the bomb


This is an extremely versatile guitar.
Hyper nice for solos and very nice for the rhythmic ...
And versatility of the 5 Ways switch allows you to play almost any style ...


It's been six months that I have brought this little gem of the United States, and for the world I would not change a guitar.
I play whatever I want with, and I have a sound to rival an Angus Young D lol: D
Top: Plug in a JCM2000 TSL100, and weep ... ;)
The only downside: the price.
I continue to pay every month, but I do not regret for anything that I drool every day ... For I know that I got home, I plug the amp in the small world and I am over the moon D: D