PRS Custom 24
PRS Custom 24

Custom 24, Other Shape Guitar from PRS.

MGR/Anonymous 06/26/2001

PRS Custom 24 : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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I bought this guitar second hand about two monthes ago. It set me back $2900 Australian dollars, but thats OK, as with our current exchange rate, they are completly worthless anyway.

After day dreaming about owning a PRS for ages, I finally found one that was affordable, and was completely blown away. This is the best guitar I have ever played.

The second you plug in a set neck PRS, you are absolutely blown away by the tone. It makes you amp sound ao much more alive than any other guitar before.

When playing my Les Paul after getting my PRS, it sounded very muddy. The PRS has a much clearer tone, but it is not as fat. The main difference between the two guitars, is that the PRS sings, and has a very smooth sound, where a Les Paul screams, and can sound very rough in comparison.

The main reason I prefer the PRS to a Les Paul is that it is capable of sweet clean sounds as well as awesome overdrive courtesy of coil taps. This is definately the most versatile guitar I have owned. You will no longer have to switch between your Les Paul and strat.

My PRS plays like a dream. This is definately the best neck I have ever played. It is similar to a Les Paul, but slightly wider, not as thick, and with a much flatter fretboard. I find it feels lovely, and is even faster than the neck on my Ibanez Universe.

The only thing I really do not like about this guitar is the rotary pick up selector. At first it can be a bit daughnting, as you can not look down and imediately see which pick-up you are using. Although after you have had the guitar for a while it is not a problem.

A continual problem with the selector though, is when your hands get sweaty, it can be very hard to turn. I think a standard switch would be much better.

I also do not think the case is acceptable on guitar that cots as much as a PRS.

The only complaint I have about the sound is that it can be a bit mid rangey. It is not a good match for high end biased amps such as marshalls. It sounds much better through a bassy amp. This is just not picking though.

I am lucky in that my guitar is a pre 1995 model. It was hand built in the Virginia street factory. It absolutely flawless, and looks like it is brand new, even though it is approximatey 12 years old. After moving to a larger factory in 95, the quality went down hill, as happens with mass production. The guitars are no longer hand made, and the grade of woods used is lower. Try and find a pre 95 model if possible.

This is definately the best sounding, best playing and best qualits guitar I have ever owned. Every other guitar feels like a plank of wood and sounds dead in comparison. A woderful guitar.

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