PRS Korina McCarty
PRS Korina McCarty
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Kountch 08/08/2011

PRS Korina McCarty : Kountch's user review

«  A dream! »

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Guitar made in the USA.
Korina body and handle (wood similar to mahogany).
Channel 22 wide fat frets.
Mechanical "vintage".
PRS fixed bridge.
PRS McCarty pickups.
Volume, tone (with push / pull) and three switch positions.
Landmarks by contour pearl bird (not as in photo), varnish "vintage natural".
Beautifully made, perfect factory settings.
I wanted a Les Paul guitar typed, but McCarty presents benefits as well as some improvements stitched stratum (the shape of the body and affects more rounded).


The handle is very pleasant for me.
The wide-fat provides a good grip, ideal for enchainer riffs, solos and chords. Access to acute poses no problem.
Note that the shape of the handle, its polish and the lack of vibrato do not make a shred guitar oriented.
It was a great compromise between comfort (body shape - comfortable sitting position, like standing - handle) and sustain (set neck a little thicker - korina).
The action is perfect, factory settings are perfect.
The 3-position selector and push / pull is easier to maneuver for me that the rotary Custom 24. The advantage of the push-pull is that we choose the configuration (single / double) and the microphone on which we play (while a rotoswitch Custom 24 will "mix" the sound of two microphones for the five combinations except the two extremes corresponding to humbuckers).
Holding agreement is impeccable.


This guitar is extremely versatile and has a particularly well (McCarty Korina + microphones) that make a guitar with a character still pronounced.
The pickups sound very clear and slamming into simple and bold double, is the best!
The sound is still vintage oriented so it is not a priori suitable for the trash ... but it will still be from funk to metal.
The microphones capture perfectly each string and each note rings clearly (it does not forgive the wrong notes).
The Korina gives a warm sound vacuum that combines perfectly with the micro series (I personally do not see the point of change).


At first I hesitated with a Gibson Les Paul, but at the same price, I find the quality much better PRS (otherwise you have move to the Gibson Custom Shop, but that's another line).
Then I was tempted by the Custom 24 but for me McCarty has two advantages: the push-pull instead of rotoswtich 5 positions and the lack of vibrato.
The Korina and finishing (with benchmarks contour of birds, clear varnish) make it a beautiful guitar. And the sound is up to his appearance ...
I do it again this choice again if my wallet permits me because its only flaw is its price.

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