Rickenbacker 480

480, Other Shape Guitar from Rickenbacker.

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air frankenstein 07/21/2013

Rickenbacker 480 : air frankenstein's user review

«  not bad but not the best »

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Made in the USA California. Discontinued model.
24 frets.
Channel varnish with rosewood fingerboard varnish also more binding.
The handle is screwed, unlike all other Rickenbackers.
The bridge with tailpiece tedious in "R" common to Rickenbackers. It takes getting used to and after it is relatively efficient. If you put something else and it is done with a belt buckle.
Settings volume and tone for each pickup.
3 position selector.

Quality is excellent nothing to say. Craftsmanship.


The neck is known to be close. For those who have fingers like sausages, it's not going to do it.
Even for those with more delicate fingers that can cause problems.
In terms of ergonomics can do much better: this form is not the most comfortable - at the edges. I personally find it lacks depth.
For weight it goes.
Easy access to acute.
The hi-gain pickups give a very wide range of sounds. Some blame the bridge pickups running out of power. Solution: remove the condo knowing that by doing so you lose a bit of brilliance / closer the microphone cords.
A well articulated sound lens.
It criticizes the neck pickup is too powerful even at the lowest setting - I used the volume knob to control it because it is actually (too) powerful.


Yes ... psyche, psychology, garage, power pop and country.
I mainly play with my AC15 and my Ampeg J-20 jet.
I use it mainly for sharp and aggressive sounds or if arrangements a little "jangly" while avoiding the byrds and the beatles.
From a sound point of view it is much more versatile than what they associate with Rickenbackers (but this is the case for the other models too I think).
And ... there is this thing of beauty rather special in terms of its dynamic and I can not describe.


Purchased in 1981 or 1982, my first electric guitar. I just used today.
I wanted the 330 but it was too expensive.
I do not do the same choice mainly because of ergonomics. I would take a 620 or a 330.
(Incidentally, if anyone is interested in an exchange ... whatever the cosmetic appearance)

Value for money at the time, about $ 325 .. the cheapest Rickenbackers.