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Herve v.63 07/14/2005

Rickenbacker 660/12 : Herve v.63's user review


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US guitar solid body while Rabl (charactered maple as they say in the US, there is a cot Saddle flame with a handle driver 21 frets (hello sustain) and a rosewood fingerboard and painted like any Ricken.Les microphones are rpliques vintage microphones, the famous "toasters" SETTING THE 2 Volume 2 Tone rglage a neck pickup for the balance / bridge and the turn is played mcaniques schaller vintage .12 trs prcises ensure the proper conduct of the binding accord.Le checkered black and white gives this class guitareune incroyable.Comme all Ricken 'possde this guitar a "mouth" is like it or not I, I 'adore.Sachez that this guitar is not important in France, it corresponds to the MODEL Tom Petty t matter that has an era (3000), that the m' has cost in 1600 (thank you Bali) I have direct control in the United States.


The neck is slightly wider than a 360 it is a bit Drout APRS to beginners but a short rev PERIOD adaptation it feels really comfortable especially in 12 cordes.L 'Access in acute IDAL is, this guitar is very small and not so heavy trs a maneuverability dconcertante.Pour get a good sound you put all the knobs back .


The Byrds, Led Zeppelin (Stairway to Heaven) ... we understand where all this was guitare.Le DIVINE treble sound is crystal clear without being aggressive and well rounded bass sound is perfectly equilibrated, for now I do not play that in 12-string but I'm guessing quite a potential 6-string it possde a good rock affirme.Le his characters from a 360 (I also possde) is better Dfine it possde not that kind of "halo "that gives 1 / 2 box of the 360 ​​I'm not saying the sound of the 660 is better, I love the sound of the 360, it is micro acute diffrent.La position is my position prf rec 'is the sound Ricken.Pour the moment I plugged into my Marshall 2205 and clear sound is magical yet clear sound Marshall is not what is the best (my opinion) I can not imagine what it's going to give in my Rivera.Tous types of sound are possible that we do not tell me that Ricken 'are rhythm guitars they can do everything I rock well dja fat with my 360 and other musicos group are happy with the resulting sound on the other hand they find that it has a look that's all terrible.Celle the same.


I have received 10 days ago I don 'have not given it sounds even better than I had it designed and hello quality manufacturing that is top of the guitar is a beautiful thank you to Rickenbacker We offer guitars with a good personality says this guitar has a "soul" to .1600 is a jewel like the graal.C 'silent guitar of my dreams is done, not having 360/12 could buy a few years ago the one I bought remaining silent (yes balance) in 1050 so I had it taken 6-string This now I have the complete range you. The big advantage over the 620/12 that is the bridge 12 adjustable bridges, (6 to 620 / 12) so it is a narrowly absolue.Je 've never understood why instruments of such exception ps are on offer on the market french that is a shame !!!!! thank you thank you paypal internet that allow us to purchase the instruments across the world.