GREG BENNETT UM3, Other Shape Guitar from Samick.

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mystikla_eklektyk 08/06/2005

Samick GREG BENNETT UM3 : mystikla_eklektyk's user review


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Here then is a guitar that I think has cre t in core.

-The body is very thin and is alder and the table is also beautiful flame Saddle
-The handle is al and is Rabl.
-It has 21 frets very enjoyable. The key is rosewood points avc pearl

The pickups are original "Duncan SH2 designed3 type which are very good bills. (I replaced my having with emg 81/85, but my opinion is based on the origins)

The Grovers are mcaniques
The bridge is a stop bar

There is a volume and tonality. And a microphone slecteur three positions.


The handle is one of the best I could on that play. It is not very large round really very enjoyable. Used to it very quickly.

access to acute is surprising. The handle is well as al profile and thus greatly facilitates the touch in the treble.

Shaped like a PRS. Weight: Very light sweet its cut very fine. As a result repeated in 4 ha 5 pm I was trankilou door ...

And one branch and it sounds live!


So I play a stroke a lamp power amp and a homemade homemade cabinet. Avc I tried several things: A AX100G korg, boss ME-50, a Tubeman 2, and a metal zone alone.

Best c'tait tubeman the stroke. its really a nikel. Although Dfine well as bridge and round handle. Truly a rgal. The solos sound alone ACCESS acute stroke revolutionary.

I could play all styles of music and really easily. Everything goes! the musette with big mtal lol (within reasonable lol)

In the clean sound is round neck ca reminds a bit of jazz ... IN sharp lens and good slamming

Ske me like it's the sweet cleans and warm, big and distos was disappointed I never t ...


I have been using one and a half years

The color is gorgeous, the handle terrible, good microphones, all extra

I tried a PRS Tremonti SE and really it was no match at all ....

THE report quality price ---> my having to pay 700euros new shop can be a bit expensive but sellers are really rats lol

I would do this choice can be but I now pass on 7-string but I'm never disappointed t!