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Waves Ltd. Launches TLC

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The new Waves Theft and Lost Coverage is an exclusive program which safeguards your Waves licenses in case your iLok gets lost or stolen.

How does it work
  • Your permanent Waves license will be removed from your iLok. It will be replaced by a time-limited TLC license.
  • Every 3 months, Waves will deposit a time-limited (90-day) license in your iLok.com account. To eliminate any possible downtime, there will be an overlapping period of 7 days between licenses.
  • You will need to download this license to your iLok every 3 months.
  • In case your iLok is lost or stolen, log into your Waves account and choose the “Claim TLC” option.
  • Waves will deposit a new time-limited license into your iLok.com account.
  • This license will be valid until the date of your next scheduled 90-day license.
  • Download this new license to a new (or other) iLok key, and you’ll be up and running.

What else do I need to know?
  • TLC is available at no additional cost to V6 bundles with a minimum of 6 months of Waves Update Plan coverage remaining. (TLC is not available for single plug-ins.)
  • Your bundle is eligible for TLC coverage as long as your Waves Update Plan is current, for up to one year.
  • Upon expiration of your TLC coverage, Waves will provide a permanent license. You will then have the option to renew TLC.
  • TLC offers up to 2 claims per product per year. After your second claim, Waves will provide a permanent license, and TLC coverage for the current year will expire.
  • TLC may be cancelled at any time. If you cancel TLC, Waves will provide a permanent license for your product.
  • In case of TLC cancellation or 2 claims, you may renew TLC for that product only after the original TLC period has expired.
  • TLC coverage begins only after you have downloaded the first TLC License to your iLok key.
  • You must download your first license within 3 months of enrolling for TLC. If you do not, you must re-enroll for TLC.

Want more info? Check out http://www.wavesupport.net.
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