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Ondes for Kontakt Available

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Soniccouture announces the availability of the Ondes instrument for Kontakt.


The Ondes Martenot ( literally ‘Martenot Waves’) was invented by Maurice Martenot in 1928. The original tube-based design, dubbed unreliable, was refined and later models remained in production until 1988.


An overview of the instrument can be seen here:

For more on this product, check out our previous piece.



Ondes Main Panel

The Ondes Instrument - Main Panel
  • Send level faders for each of the Ondes Martenot speakers, + line out level
  • Faders for each of the 7 oscillators + 'Tutti' switch
  • ADSR envelope control ( optional, depending on Setup)
  • Brightness control - switchable to 12db Filter with resonance
  • Detune, Width and Saturation faders

Ondes Speaker Edit Panel

The Ondes Instrument - Speaker Edit
  • Convolution modelling of each speaker
  • Close, Far and Room stereo mic positions for each speaker
  • 4 different original settings from D2 Spring reverb
  • AMP and DECAY settings for each IR processor

Ondes Performance Setup

The Ondes Instrument - Control Setup

The Setup Panel is a custom scripted MIDI control matrix. Depending on your playing ability and available MIDI controllers, you can configure the Ondes instruments realtime control options in a number of different ways. See ' Ondes Performance Setup Demo ' video in the Video tab.

  • Custom Glide ( Ring) Scripting - realtime control of portamento time
  • Control pitch and volume independently using Aftertouch, XY pad or any MIDI cc
  • 'Exclude Key ' function - emulate touche d’intensité
  • Save User control setups and load to any preset

The Poly-Ondes

The Ondes Instrument - Poly Ondes

The Poly-Ondes is a bonus instrument: a polyphonic synth using the Ondes Martenot oscillators and speaker modelling : it is designed to let you create pad sounds with LFO and filter modulation, detune all 7 oscillators and play them back through the speakers. There are 50 Poly-Ondes presets showing the sound design possibilities.


Pricing & Availability


DVD orders will ship approx. 6th April. All DVD orders have download access.



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